but I crumble completely when you cry
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favourite pll outfits 
↳ emily fields (season four)

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I wish I’d tried harder not to mess things up —because I’m starting to realize that quiet, kind, special, people come along once in a lifetime.

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"Unfortunately we have to eliminate someone and that would be you, Kate Walsh." [x]

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shameless challenge » favorite friendship
↳ ian and mandy

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"He tried to shake me off, but I kept holding on, until he stopped shouting and I felt the fight go out of him. Then I realised he too had his arms around me. And so we stood together like that, at the top of the field, for what seemed like ages, not saying anything, just holding each other, while the wind kept blowing and blowing at us, tugging our clothes, and for a moment, it seemed like we were holding onto each other because that was the only way to stop us being swept away into the night." — Kazuo Ishiguro, Never Let Me Go.

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Where are you from in Canada?  “Southern Ontario. Imagine lush, pastoral farmland. So I wear a lot of plaid, but the hipster intelligentsia in Silverlake stole that look from us. I also have an issue with maple syrup. It goes on everything I eat. It’s even in my salad dressing.” [x

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get to know me meme[4/8] favourite tv shows: Girls
"I'm an individual and I feel how I feel when I feel it."
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